Jae Haeng Rhee: Visual Art

March/April 2019, Place and Displacement, Visual Art

Artist’s Statement:

Dante’s political exile from his beloved Florence is mirrored in a greater Exile in his famous Comedy: the Pilgrimage of the fallen Man toward his transcendental Home. Dante knew his native Florence intimately, its colors, smells and sounds, but the Poet as he appears in Paradiso has never been to the highest heaven. Descriptions of sense data decrease as the poet ascends. At the very summit, Dante is forced to rely almost entirely on metaphors. 

This drawing was inspired by the contents of the Divine Comedy, and the idea of a journey toward a home where one has never been.


Jae Haeng Rhee.jpeg


Jae Haeng Rhee does art. His eyesight is getting worse.

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